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Production Technician/Machine Operator

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West Chicago


1st Shift


Full Time



Job Description:

Responsible for the quality and efficiency of production on the assigned production line. Responsible for and has the authority for setting up and operating assigned production equipment and making necessary adjustments or minor mechanical repairs in a safe and efficient manner

1.Responsible for reporting food safety issues to personnel with authority to initiate action.
2.Responsible for adhering to all Good Manufacturing Practices GMP rules. Responsible for maintaining high standards relating to area housekeeping.
3.Function within a team environment.
4.Operates assigned equipment to make plastic bottles and containers. Makes adjustments, clears jams, and otherwise troubleshoots equipment to ensure efficient machine operation.
5.Operates related production equipment, including labelers, unscramblers, palletizers, stretch wrappers, banding machines, and other related equipment.
6.Perform preventative maintenance on machines and auxiliary equipment as assigned. Completes or assists with changeovers.
7.Unjams conveyor systems.
8.Responsibilities and authorities as documented in the Quality Manual, Operational Procedures, HACCP Manual, Common Work Instructions and Site Work Instructions.
9.Make frequent quality checks on the product observing it for deviations in weight, sidewall thickness, flash, poor distribution, concavity, convexity or crooked sections and making adjustments to correct malfunctions and eliminate defects.
10.Make periodic checks of heat controls, cooling water temperatures, pressures and functioning of extruder and hydraulic pumping units.
11.Has the authority to place product on hold and shut machines down.
12.Provides functional guidance to the Downstream Technician as needed.
13.Relieves other associates for breaks and lunches.
14.Responsible for working effectively with the Production/Shift Supervisor, Downstream Technician, Quality representatives, and other team members.
15.Maintains various daily production and Team reports.
16.Performs work in a safe manner, and is responsible for following all safety policies and procedures, including lockout/tagout procedures.
17.Miscellaneous related duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:

1.An Associate’s degree (electronics, etc.) or related experience.
2.Strong verbal communication skills as demonstrated in the context of the interviewing processes.
3.Strong inter-personal skills as demonstrated in the context of the interviewing processes and verifiable references.
4.Mechanically inclined as verifiable by transcript, reference, testing, or other approved methods.
5.Must own and supply his/her own tools and be familiar with their functions and usage.

The physical demands

1.Standing/walking continuously during one’s entire shift. Frequently walking is performed at a moderate to fast pace in order to monitor and un-jam equipment.
2.Occasionally lifting at the medium physical demand level (25 pounds) from floor to waist to overhead levels, using a full range of motion of the upper extremities in the process.
3.Continuously use the bilateral upper extremities to reach, handle, grip and grasp, push and pull, finger and feel, turn, wrench, etc.
4.Occasionally, climbing vertical ladders and stairs.
5.Frequently, standing at computer, documenting quality checks, enter measurements.
6.Continuously, bend and stoop as well as twist and turn. Occasionally perform other postural activities in order to operate and maintain equipment.
7.Continuously listening to machines for noise variation. Such as air leaks, grinding, rubbing, squeaking and screeching.
8.Visually checking product continuously, to ensure product remains within production specifications and quality standards.
9.Ability to withstand loud noise (greater than 85 decibels) protected by applicable hearing protection.
10.Ability to withstand seasonal temperature of 40 degrees to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
11.Corrected visual acuity, protected by applicable vision protection.
12.Ability to wear protective gloves without allergic reaction (e.g., latex).
13.Ability to work overtime that is scheduled.


Medical, Dental, Vision

Application Instructions:

Email Resume to Donnie Harris for hiring consideration to

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