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2nd and 3rd Shift


Full Time


Transportation, Warehousing & Logistics

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All operators are required to inspect their lifts before beginning work and complete the daily checklist.
Operators are must be aware of the situation around them at all times ad to be in control of their equipment.
Slippery and/or icy floors require extreme caution, especially when braking and turning. Report any wet or icy areas to management for clean up.
Forklifts traveling the length of the aisles have the right of way over cross traffic.
Use highway driving rules, turn gradually and maintain control of the forklift at all times.
Back straight out of racks and drop pallets to a safe height before turning.
Forks on moving trucks must always be as low as possible and fully retracted.
Travel with the forks pointing away from the direction of travel when unloaded.
Always face the direction of travel and be sure that the path is clear before proceeding.
Come to a complete stop before passing through a doorway.
Do not raise or lower forks while traveling. When raising forks, watch for all overhead obstructions.
Make sure that the forks and mast are all the way down before passing through doorways.
Enter the doorways squarely and allow enough room for the load and forklift.
Report any problems with the forklift to management immediately.
Do not run over plastic, wood, paper or other debris.
Never slide or push pallets, pick them up
Do not attempt to move a heavily leaning or shifted load. Report the situation to your supervisor and get instructions.
Make sure that there is a safe distance between your lift and the lift ahead of you.
Be aware of all overhead equipment while raising the forks.
Never park a forklift in front of any doors or in the bridges.
When parked, the forks must be lowered and flat against the floor.
When stopping in an aisle, park the lift well off to one side so as not to impede traffic.
If you are involved in an accident, leave your lift exactly where it is report the incident immediately.
Keep all body party inside the running lines of the forklift at all times while moving.
Never let any unauthorized personnel operate a forklift.
Never allow anyone to ride on the forks of a forklift.
Slow down and use the horn at all intersections.
Use the horn in all cross aisles, bridges, blind spots and at proper intervals while traveling.? Constantly be on the watch for pedestrians, they always have the right of way.
Slow down on wet or slippery floors.
Stunt driving and horseplay will not be tolerated.
Avoid quick and jerky stops. Don’t make quick turns that will shift the load.
Always focus of safe forklift operation, do not allow yourself to become distracted.
Food and beverages are not allowed in the warehouse at any times.
Store all product on pallets and at least 18” from the wall.

Job Requirements:

Pass Drug Test and ability to work in Cold environment


We offer competitive wages and a full benefits package including 401k with company match.

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Working In Cold Environment

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Email Resume to Donnie Harris For Hiring

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