Incumbent Worker Training
Grant (IWT)

Employee Training Grants, also known as Incumbent Worker Training (IWT), is funded under the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and provides both workers and employers with the opportunity to build and maintain a quality workforce and increase both participants’ and companies’ competitiveness. It is a type of work-based training and upskilling designed to ensure that employees of a company can acquire the skills necessary to retain employment and advance within the company, or to acquire the skills necessary to avert a layoff.
  • What is the training grant program?
  • Is My Company Eligible?

Incumbent Worker Training Funds are available to a company to train its employees, making the company more efficient, productive, and profitable. Wages paid to employees in training count toward the company’s match. Training is not limited by a list of pre-approved providers or classes. Your company decides the type of training needed and which employees and occupations to train.

Any size company or business is eligible (not government or educational institutions). Your company falls within the in-demand occupation sector, including Healthcare, Transporation/Distribution/Logistics (TDL), Manufacturing, & Professional/Financial/Information Technology Services. Industry sector exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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No application deadlines

You may apply at any time. There are no application deadlines. Grants are available on a first-come-first-serve basis until funds are depleted.

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Save time & money

Companies may apply for up to $19,500 total for employee trainings.

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Your vision.

You decide what you need and what will help your employees get the job done better, tailored to your industry and company.

For more information, reach out to Business Services Liaisons John Hall ( or Pamela Rodriguez (

About the Grant

Tim Zapp to General Manager from Shop Manager, Kevin Schoenbeck to Senior Engine Technician from Engine Technician, and Kyle Binion to Senior Machinist from Machinist. These employees whose promotions were announced have all benefited from the training they received under the grants from the Workforce Investment Board of Will County.