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Workforce Information and Statistics

Need information on the average wage for an occupation in Will County? Want to know the employment projections for a supplier industry? The Workforce Investment Board of Will County can provide employers with a wide range of workforce information and statistics, including current employment, projections, wages, unemployment, demographics, and much more. If you have specific questions about the workforce such as wages for an occupation in Will County, how many people in the county are employed in a specific industry, the racial and gender breakout of an industry, or the unemployment rate for the county or an individual industry, we can provide you with that information.

For more information, please contact

Caroline Portlock, Workforce Investment Board of Will County at 815.727.5673 or email her at [email protected]for more information.

Will County Economic Update

The Workforce Investment Board of Will County is pleased to provide the most current information available on jobs, occupations, industries, wages, unemployment and business-related statistics that gives an overview of the economic climate in Will County.  This information is summarized quarterly in the Will County Economic Update.  To access the most current Will County Economic Update, please click HERE. For additional workforce publications and information, please visit


Pace Commuter Toolkit for Employers

The Pace Commuter Toolkit is designed to assist employers with educating their workforce on their workday commute, starting or enhancing a commuter program and providing ready-to-use materials and money-saving resources. Please click HERE for more information.